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Art Size Versatility

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

different digital challenges

Hillside Fun - Dan Beck 2008

Hillside Fun – digital art – Dan Beck 2008

One of the things I have improved on over the years is paying attention to the composition – so that a piece works both large and small.  With digital art – there is not necessarily an optimum size and certainly not a one and only size.

As I have taken on this medium, I keep trying to do work which utilizes the attributes which are unique to creating art on the computer. Stepping back is done by minimizing the size – and getting up close is done by magnifying.

Once a work is printed, I find they are generally stronger as they get large enough to see the detail found when creating the piece.  Texture and overlap of color come into their own in a way that is really only hinted at by a monitor screen – but yet again – seeing on a monitor may actually be closer than with a photo of a more traditional form of art.

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Evolving Expectations

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

the timing of finishing – art and reality

Further Along Tree 1 - Dan Beck - digital art painting 2008

Further Along Tree 1 – Dan Beck – digital art painting 2008

This digital painting was finished over a month ago. The previous article showing the version of this painting which felt finished, balanced, and worth saving, – based upon the piece itself and not the original vision; was written over two weeks ago.

I guess it is rather apparent that my writing is not keeping up with my creating. Actually I find everything takes longer than expected – my head is generally way ahead of my physical world – but then that makes sense. How could matter move as fast as thought?

And why do we expect things to take the time we think things will take – even if we have done something before – it might take more or less time – circumstances are always different.

But most of us, including myself, have expectations about how long even things we have never done will take.

The finished painting above matched my concept and vision more closely as well as my expected timeline for doing a painting – there is more texture, more depth, more visual confusion – and more what I had in mind to begin with –

What is wonderful about art and life – is that sometimes the head gets to follow the body – follow the physical world – and sometimes the timetable of the physical world is smarter than the head.

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Timlessness of Beauty

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

out of time

River Spring Fauna - digital art painting -Dan Beck 2008

Learning a newly written song, getting lost inside the world of a new painting, reading an excellent book are all a bit like falling in love…

I suppose anything which demands the attention such that the world stands still – that time doesn’t feel like it exists, that puts us completely in the moment and doesn’t want to let us go – has that quality.

River Spring Fauna – digital art painting – Dan Beck 2008

The art above is about the view from above – looking out on the valley – seeing the Salinas river – seeing the incredible texture and color of Spring below – that tapestry of color that pulls and mesmerizes – yes nature can pull off the effect of timelessness as well.

In the nature of out of time – and not in the fashion of deadlines – it seemed somehow appropriate on this first day (it was when I wrote this) of Spring to share a song of joy, love, and being lost or perhaps found in the world of timelessness.

Not part of the Red Eye Recordings – it is a track from 2005 CD: 1danband | dansingnew

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  • audio fileOut of Time – as described above – living in the timeless moment – in love, in life – music, words, performance, production – dan beck | outhouse studios | 1danband |dansingnew – 2005
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Painting On

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

continuation of sketch requires deliberation

On Site 1 Plus - digital art - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

On Site 1 Plusdigital art – digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

I believe this is the last finished painting – it is a continuation from an on site work which I did a couple of weeks ago. I had seen so much more than I had had time to put into the original 40 minute sketch.

Having said that, I am not sure if this is a method I want to continue or not. There is something quite pure about the original painting – the continuation – with developed texture and depth is certainly more thorough; but I am not sure it adds anything essential to the original fresh sketch.

I handled the paint in a way reminiscent of Bold Glimpse because I have been looking at the piece a great deal and feeling like I had something special there.

Though I do like the finished work above – perhaps it is because I was taking too many directions here – following an on site feeling, developing, and perhaps mimicking while trying to remain fresh and bold at same time.

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Fresh Sketch

Monday, November 26th, 2007

exercising the movable medium

On Site 1 - digital art - laptop finger painting - Dan Beck 2007

On Site 1 – digital art – laptop finger painting – Dan Beck 2007

This is a sketch – on site – still working out the bugs for plein air – where to sit – place the computer – have enough shade? etc.

In some ways embarrassingly, this was done from the passenger’s seat of my car – it was dark enough to see the screen and the wheel wasn’t in the way – so sketching what I saw in 30 to 40 minutes prior to an appointment.

Like a lot of my recent work, this was an exercise – not a bad thing – just trying to get a feel for painting with a laptop and using my fingers instead of a mouse. I subsequently took this piece and worked on it in my normal fashion – sketched turned to fully textured and more developed digital painting– but what a challenge to actually make the digital art better.

This captured what I saw – in a way that couldn’t be done at a later time. I am trying to understand the differences and possibilities here.

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Original, Simple, Colorful, Expression

Friday, July 27th, 2007

controlling what at first seems uncontrollable

My Series 12 - digital painting - original prints - Dan Beck 2004

My Series 12digital painting – original prints – Dan Beck 2004

Simple, colorful, expression – not much in the way of form – not much in terms of movement – but it does have a good feeling nevertheless.

This was not a particularly thoughtful piece. It came from following a concept of being on the cusp between representation and abstract as well as having the smooth colors atop the beige textured background.

Original art, original prints – this has my characteristic comfortable strokes of the mouse – unique to the way I move my hand and wrist – controlling what was seemingly uncontrollable at first.

As a musician, I had to learn how to hear some of the odd scales my fingers had learned how to play – in some ways – this abstract piece is about the same process with painting on the computer.

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Audience and Artistic Climate

Monday, July 9th, 2007

changing views

Nestling Grape Rows - digital painting - Dan Beck - 2005

Nestling Grape Rows – digital painting / original prints – Dan Beck – 2005

As with many paintings, my feeling about this piece originally is not the same as it has come to be. Often one is either more ecstatic about the results or even more humdrum about the results.

It is a very clear to me the importance of audience and artistic climate. When one of my original prints is well received by other artists, other viewers – it is not difficult to change my view on the work.

When a piece is not well received; what was successful may remain – but it is more difficult to hang on to. In the digital painting above, I liked the 3 dimensionality in particular, the texture, and the way the composition itself tends to push the grapes and mountains together.

The subject matter has been tackled by me and will be again – but the strength in this particular interpretation has the uniqueness we tend to look for in original art.

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Representation Can Be Original

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Forgotten Sketch Shows Its Colors

Sunset Sketch - digital painting / original prints - Dan Beck 2005

Sunset Sketchdigital painting / original prints – Dan Beck 2005

I had totally forgotten this painting – don’t remember creating it – don’t remember the evening it was inspired by – it had kind of slipped through the cracks.

This was a digital painting that had made it into the last round of pieces to go on the website end of 2005 – but didn’t get included. I went looking through all my original prints and came across this one and was quite taken with the way it looked so much like a tissue collage.

Perhaps a little too evenly balanced to be a really wonderful piece – it still has some magnificent qualities – the sun and clouds in particular and the texture in the vegetation on the horizon and the more detailed yet not exactly lettuce in the front.

I guess I do remember something – because it was romaine I was portraying but I would never have known that by just looking – it was a representation like most art – enough to evoke a feeling and a time but hopefully be its own original place to get lost inside.

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Nature Mimics Itself

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Art Reinforces Relationships

Here 2 There - digital painting / original prints - Dan Beck 2003

Here 2 Theredigital painting / original prints – Dan Beck 2003

When I finished this digital painting a few years ago, I thought it was the cat’s meow. Textures were fairly new to me and I was pretty ecstatic about the stone quality in the mountains, the rocky dirt quality to the plowed fields and the other worldly quality of the rolling hills or fields.

Plus, there is a wave like quality to the foreground fields which I have never done in quite such an obvious manner since. I have always loved the way nature mimics itself – evidenced in O’keefe’s flowers.

I wasn’t thinking about making the hills look like waves – but they do sometimes – I just enhanced it by allowing for it to come through in the process of creating.

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Unveiling the Original

Monday, May 28th, 2007

original prints are the original art

Morning Fog Impression - digital painting for original prints - Dan Beck 2007

Morning Fog Impressiondigital painting for original art prints – Dan Beck 2007

I had the pleasure of seeing an artist’s linocuts over the weekend – both prints and the grooved linoleum itself. In his case – the plate is the reverse of the black and white he prints.

You can see where it is going, but it isn’t unveiled until it is printed. I have always liked that aspect of art – batik or masked sections of a painting getting removed, and all types of printing or firing (ceramics).

In a sense, there is an unveiling here as well. When I look at my finished digital painting – all the information is there – full detail and texture, but the monitor image is not the same as the printed image.

I am rarely disappointed – the printed image is like the unveiling.

The above piece hasn’t been printed and therefore isn’t even finished. And though it is the original art – (at least my version which was not saved for the web) it isn’t the original art until it becomes the original print.

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