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Exposing Intent

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

feeling the space

Open Fieldsdigital art painting – Dan Beck 2009

This was painted approximately two months ago – the colors of everything have changed a bit since then – more brown in the fields – more blue in the sky – the change of seasons is subtle here in the Salinas Valley, but still noticeable.

This was a remarkably loose painting – my recollection was to capture that quick glance of field workers – in the distance – in multiple groups upon the backdrop of very open fields.  Looking at the painting today, I feel I captured these undulating and exposed fields.

The workers are more colors than people – probably hinting of the way the workers blend into the scene and are not seen or even thought of by most people. There is a tremendous amount of back bending work that goes into our being able to eat produce – and there is meant to be a kind of vulnerability from the open vastness of these picking fields.

Is the power in those floating electrical towers or in the people, clouds or hills?

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Glimpse of the Show

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

medium rare photo

After everyone had pretty much left the gallery – we had a few photos with Dan & Trish in the Gallery at the Blackstone Winery.

I think the picture hints at what a beautiful space this is to have an art show. The opening was a lot of fun and the art was universally well received. Comments ranged from “Spectacular!” to “that painting belongs in the MOMA“. There are 35 original pigment prints hung in this exhibition and it will remain up until mid August.

Since Trish and I are getting married the first week in August we are hoping to share the show with our out of town guests. Trish has a smaller showing of her double-exposure photography in the corridor to the gallery – so it is really extra fun for those who know us both.