Unfinished Digital Painting

Second level of completion gives better idea where piece is headed

Grandeur 2 - unfinished digital painting - Dan Beck

Unfinished digital paintingGrandeur 2 – Dan Beck

Like the previous article, I am sharing a piece before it has been finished. Unlike the first offering, I do know the outcome today and perhaps you will also.

The program I use has a color fill tool – most do. Because I had stretched in outlines, it was generally pretty easy to fill between the lines and create a second level of completion to the piece.

I chose a mix between gradients and personalized textures – ones which I adjusted manually or pulled from a section of a previous painting. I can paint using sections of my own painting – a startling realization – which gives me a never ending palette – but like most tools can be easily overused.

So far my steps seem rather obvious. You can not develop a piece without the basic composition and without the basic color scheme. I don’t have a mystical way of doing things, but where I choose to go from here is what makes things more interesting to me –

because the process of art is one of going down any number of possible paths.

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