The Practice of Digital Painting

working differently to keep things fresh

No Particular View - digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck 2006

No Particular Viewdigital painting – Dan Beck 2006

When I started painting this morning I didn’t have any particular scene in mind – no scene burning inside me and no real concept. But as quickly as the first mark I found myself taking things differently. This is not an uncommon practice for me –

in fact, it is my practice in both senses of the word.

It is important to keep things fresh – for me, it is often something simple. In this case I started with single lines to define the piece. I used a combination of freehand color gradient drawing, lines, and fill-in’s to make the fields and mountains what they are.

It is not a complete departure from how I normally work or a complete departure from my other work.  What I was able to do without a specific scene in mind, was accomplish the feeling of hills, sloped fields, and mountains that is the Salinas Valley.

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