Second Effort Yields Bold Composition

Exaggeration and layout form pick of the picking

Two Pick 2 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2006

Two Pick 2digital painting – Dan Beck – 2006

This piece came as a direct result of not feeling like I had expressed myself fully about what I had seen. If you look at the yesterday’s article, you will see a digital painting and explanation of its origin.

What I was not able to express in the first piece, was how down in the row, these two strawberry pickers were. It isn’t that the berries and rows are so high – but bent over picking, they are really down in there – and particularly from this angle from the road – looking down the row.

This is exaggerated a tad – the rows are too wide, the people a little small … but when I look at this art print – the statement is striking and bold.

You know they are down in there, you know they are picking fast, and you know the field is vast.

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