Revisiting a Digital Painting

successful does not mean wanting to live with

Cloud Cover - Digital Painting 2006 - Dan Beck

EnlargeCloud Cover – Digital Painting 2006- Dan Beck

I keep trying to look at the positives in having to move my website. On the blog alone, there is a year’s worth of links to my site – including images – which don’t usually link – because every image and page is case specific with my new web-host’s server.

So one of the bright sides is getting to revisit pieces when I get the link working. The above digital painting is such a piece.

Interesting when I wrote about this piece before, I commented on how non-real so much of it was even though it captured the feeling of the scene.

Today I think how real it is – how successful it was – and yet still probably not a piece that too many would want to live with … I mean who really wants to have a rainy day on their wall – unless perhaps one lives in the arid desert.

For any desert folks looking for art prints of above digital painting, please email:

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