Rethinking When Art Is Finished

three different endings reveal a quandary and open an opportunity

Fennel Field & Sky - digital painting - Dan Beck 2006Fennel Field & Sky 1 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2006Fennel Field & Sky 2 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2006

Fennel Field & Sky – 1 digital painting, 3 endings, Triptych

Having already written on these three pieces, this is in some ways redundant – but not really.

This is very exciting to me – every artist always struggles with when to call a piece finished. When I reached the first stage, I knew I liked the piece as is.

But I wanted to continue working on it. I knew there was more to my vision. more to my impression, and more to be said. But it was also done.

The second piece has depth and texture and detail that is also exciting to look at – but it has necessarily lost the strong contrast of color.

The third piece goes on from there – capturing more of the original scene – truer to the experience – truer to the original intent – but not necessarily a better finished painting than the other two.

Perhaps their art prints should be displayed in sequence as some sort of triptych – and commentary on when to call it done.

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