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Desert 1 - Route 66 - 2nd stopping point - unfinished

Desert 1- Route 66 (Second stopping point, unfinished)

In the first phase of this painting, the general composition, colors, shapes, and space have been defined.

If one compares, one can see that there is now a lot more definition in the mountains, the desert floor, and the mesa. Texture, color, suggestions of vegetation now make this a much richer production.

There are always two things I try to balance when I am creating this type of artwork. Since it is intended to capture a specific time, place and feeling – the feeling is paramount – meaning, as I am painting, I am trying to assess whether my additions add to the feeling I am trying to communicate or are taking the piece further away.

The second thing to balance is that  I want a piece to be aesthetically pleasing and interesting to the eye. This might mean adjusting colors, tweaking the composition for a better eye flow, and even adding colors or objects not there to make a piece more enjoyable.

The rules are one’s own making here and just about everyone has heard of artistic license. My rule is about furthering feeling and making a piece be more appealing and beautiful.

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