Raining Inspiration

Literal Latitude -> Feeling, Process and Intent

Cloud Cover - Digital Painting 2006 - Dan Beck

EnlargeCloud Cover – Digital Painting 2006- Dan Beck

One would never know its been raining here.  Sometimes the clouds just swallow the mountains. I look out, I look up… and see this incredible interplay of cloud and mountain – rain blending the whole scene as though the clouds were bleeding into the hills and the hill/mountains(as I like to call them) disappearing below them.

Indeed the inspiration would be obvious if you were living here too. The response I received today was "That looks familiar".

Yet the curious thing is that there are many things going on with the painting which do not accurately portray what is here. There are shadows where there shouldn’t be, groves of trees kind of hanging in space, a slightly exaggerated cloud density, and a play of light which isn’t quite right.

Recognizing these differences is interesting but the point of bringing them up is about how much latitude there is in portraying a scene. I think sometimes that which holds a piece together, which makes it feel like it should, is not found within the physical strokes;  but rather in the intent and process.

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