Pen Pad Painting: Awkward as a Mouse

First attempt reminiscent – openness part of creativity

Pen 1 - digital painting 1st try with pen pad

Pen 1digital painting 1st try with pen pad

This is more like a fabric than a painting – process than finished piece. I was offered a graphics tablet at about a third of its normal cost and as much as I’ve been proud of using a mouse for my art all this time, I thought I should try it.

What is fascinating to me, is that I am every bit as uncoordinated with the pen pad as I was when I first started painting with a mouse – laughing – thinking – no one could paint with one of these.

I continued because I liked the results.

Whether the graphics tablet becomes my friend or not isn’t the issue – but it is noteworthy that part of being creative is not to close oneself off to things which are new.

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