Painting the Scene a New Day

Tackling same problem, interpreting the world differently

Day Scene - digital painting - 2006 - Dan Beck

Day Scene – digital painting – 2006 – Dan Beck

I think I was just saying how I always want to do something new. Tackling the same problem, but solving it in a new way is what I think the creative process is about.

There are many solutions and many paths and the viewpoint from being creative is taking the different paths – savoring the trip – and interpreting the world a new way each time and as a result of the journey.

The road I live on is winding.  There are hills with fields, in front of hills with fields – and down to the right most recently was a crew harvesting strawberries – slowly, painstakingly, harvesting – I know this not because I saw it, but because it has been so wet.

After the fields have been harvested, there is a sea of fruit in between the rows.  When you drive by fast, their work does not appear tedious, if it even appears at all.

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