Painting an Impression, Painting the Desert

Different Perspectives Add to Completing Work of Art

Desert 1- Route 66 (In progress)

Desert 1- Route 66 – digital painting in Progress

This is a three part series showing the development of a piece. This is where I stopped after the first sitting. How long a piece takes varies, but in this case it was two clear sessions and one small session to finish – I am guessing 5 or 6 hours to the completed piece.

Although I like sometimes creating a piece in one sitting, I also find it particularly valuable to come at a piece from different perspectives – i.e. different times, different days, different attitude, different ways of looking.

I think the test of time and perspective can make something that much stronger. I believe it is akin to having different people appreciate the same piece. In a sense, we are different at different times and places and the piece must satisfy those different selves.

As far as the piece itself, it is about capturing a mood, a vastness, and a specific time. Standby to see how it develops.

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