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dansingnew – fresh, life, start, joy and transition

1danband | dansingnew - new CD Dan Beck

Original Size Art – dansingnew – Dec 2005 – available for purchase soon. Please listen to Clip.

Having created this CD cover and digital painting on the computer using a mouse per usual, I have been pleased that so many people who know both myself and Trish – say how much it captures us.

Capturing a likeness isn’t a sure thing. Many times an artist feels he has captured the essence, yet very few, if any see it.

I used no photos to refer to or even start with, but I am pleased with the results. Our postures, the way we are holding hands, and the look on our faces grabs ahold of something essential.

I don’t know exactly how I pulled it off or even sure that I could routinely – but it does somehow capture us. Since so much of the music is about us and the play on words of dansingnew – what a totally appropriate cd cover and actually better than I expected it to come out.

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