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New Song Writing, Adding Bass Guitar, Overall Sound

1danband | dansingnew cd cover

Cover of new music CD – Listen to clip from 1st track

Over the last year, I have been remarklably prolific as a song writer – well for me anyway – over 30 songs last year. Given that, I couldn’t resist recording some of the music that I have come up with.

I am mostly a guitar player – but have managed to develop enough technique with various drums and percussion to create a small band sound.

In this venture, I have added bass guitar, which on the surface seems like would be a simple adjustment from the bass strings of the guitar – since the notes are the same though the octaves different. However, it is another thing to think like a bass player or hear like one.

Finding the right bass line was a new kind of challenge and that is probably part of the freshness here though the songs are very positive as well. All in all, I am really pleased with the results and overall sound.

Though not available for purchase at this writing, I expect the cd to be available soon at And I will be posting more clips.

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