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1danband | dansingnew - new release Dec 2005

Listen to Clip of The Rainbow Song

1danband is a name I came up with a number of years ago. Like on this CD, I had created a group sound by multitracking different instruments I had played all myself.

Obviously, I enjoy puns on words which is why my first musical release (on tape) many, many years ago had the pun of being produced by "outhouse studios" since it was a homemade production.

I don’t particularly mind the bathroom reference, because we have to be able to make fun of ourselves first and foremost – laughing at ourselves is healthy.

So with 1danband it is not so much making fun – but perhaps a more fun artist name than just my own – and it felt right with the title – oh yeah – guess that is a pun on words too.

The CD contains all new songs from 2005 which dan sings and also has enough of a beat and bass line (new for this album) to make you possibly feel like dancing. So many puns, so little time.

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