Miniature Art: Museum Fund Raiser

Small pieces are contribution to community art

Field Hand - digital painting 2005

Sunset Field Hand – Miniature – Digital Painting 2005

This piece was created for a  show at the Monterey Museum of Art.  The work among others by 329 other artists is up until the end of the year.  This is the size of the piece – the image prints 3.5 by 5.5 inches and was framed in a 5×7 frame – matted like a big piece.

I enjoyed making billowing quilted looking maroon sunset clouds. The tractor driver waiving is another important element of the piece – for it is very rare that a field worker doesn’t wave and acknowledge your presence. I admire this quality.

As far as the show – it is a fun event with kind a of raffle for each piece to raise money for the museum. My piece was displayed next to a very well known artist – who quietly lives in Salinas – David Ligare.  His work is quite incredible and is in numerous museums around the country/world.  His oil still-life of a lemon in this show makes you want to reach out and grab it.

I was glad my piece has enough space from his and also flattered that it is so close.  It amused me that I could say my work was hanging next to his at the MMA. 

Though I have a lot of confidence in my own work, I have not achieved anything close to his level of recognition and am not so presumptuous to think I have the right to claim anything more than being a fellow Salinasan (if that’s even the word).

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