Measuring Time and Complexity in Art

early exploration expresses concept and aesthetic with ease

Rain Over Fall - digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck circa 1999

Rain Over Falldigital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 1999

This is a piece from my personal archives – it is was one of my earlier explorations with the medium.

I like this piece conceptually as well as aesthetically. There is little form.  Mostly color expresses the concept of autumn rain and autumn leaves.

I would estimate that I created this piece in about an hour or so. Most of the digital paintings I do now take closer to four or five hours.

The time spent doesn’t necessarily make a piece better. But it does indicate that I have developed a larger vocabulary with the digital medium and can therefore say more.

The thing that most people don’t take into consideration when judging how long something took to make – is how many hours of work it took to get to the point to make that piece.

There is nothing wrong with judging a work of art by its complexity – but I think it is a shame when people miss out on appreciation because of a conceptual framework.

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