Shared Aesthetic, Process, Unique, & Sameness

Meaning - Digital Painting 2006- Dan Beck

Meaning – Digital Painting 2006 – Larger Meaning

We hear all the time, you can find anything on the internet.  It amused me one day that I should do a search for meaning on google. Not really expecting to find enlightenment – which I suppose could also be searched for – but curious.

So as I write this and if you eventually find this from such a search – you will find the above painting which I did quickly.

The title is not really suggesting that the work is so profound, but I will offer this. The piece is completely about the process, it is about using motion that is uniquely mine given my physical attributes and limitations. It is about using a language and aesthetic which are completely shared.  It is about the view from my perspective.

We are unique in our bodies and the same in our shared culture and spirit.  Meaning can be found in the differences as well as in the sameness; but if too different or too the same – there is little if any meaning to be found.

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