Lessons from a New Digital Painting

Importance of do no wrong attitude and luck

Tall Side Mountains - digital painting - 2006- Dan Beck

Tall Side Mountainsdigital painting – 2006 – Dan Beck

It is the case with creativity, that sometimes a piece feels like you hooked it.  And sometimes a piece is completed, but just doesn’t speak to you as strongly.

It is the most fun when one is on a roll – when you create a piece you like and another and another etc.  It is akin to being in the zone as an athlete.

That feeling of being able to do no wrong is awesome – and like most things in life – latching on to the attitude can bring on the right results.

Sometimes a creative endeavor – like life – requires luck.  In this piece, I was lucky because I did not save the digital painting along the way as much as I normally do – but I overworked and botched it.  I didn’t plan on painting the same piece again – but found a new approach – and it worked.

Ah yes, don’t be afraid to get lucky!

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