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observing the lowest point and the artist’s role

Wheel of Fields - digital painting for art prints - Dan Beck 2006

Wheel of Fieldsdigital painting for art prints – 2006

This is a real view from a position just at the  bend in the road.  I found it amazing that the fields from this angle really look like spokes of a wheel.  It is equally amazing that the pattern of the hills finds the lowest point to be the circle – where just as amazing the ever present strawberry harvesters were at it again and only in that area.

A mouthful indeed, but it is clearly the reason why I felt the need to bring the painting to life.

Inspiration surrounds me. I feel lucky that so many things make me want to create. But I am also lucky that I can’t help but look around me.

I have said in other places – that observing is much of the artist’s role – and listening the musician’s.

I don’t see myself as trying to record as a photograph would, but rather as someone more inside the experience – with feelings and confused perception in tact.

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