Inspiration and Acting Upon It

personal perspective expressed in painting

Foothills Terrain - digital painting - Dan Beck 2006

Foothills Terraindigital painting – Dan Beck 2006

I have found myself painting quite a bit over the last week. Inspiration and acting upon it are topics I keep coming back to – because I think it is lot of what I need to share.

Someone recently said to me that she had seen work by all these talented people (she included me – thank you) and it made her feel like she had none.

I understand that feeling – there are countless artists who leave me in the dust technically and conceptually and many musicians who make me feel like a hack.

But I have more than enough vocabulary to communicate and no one else can see from my perspective.  And this is true for all creative beings.

As for the above scene – I had to do something to express what I had experienced.  This area is incredible, no photo or painting can do it justice, but I did succeed in giving it depth, form, and feeling.

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