Importance of New Perspective

falls, perspective, and water under the bridge

Under Bridge Falls - digital painting - Dan Beck - 2006

Under Bridge Fallsdigital painting – Dan Beck -2006

Getting away – going on vacation – these are wonderful things. If one wants to stay creative, it is really valuable to get a change of perspective from time to time.

I just came back from a week in upstate New York. This is one of the views that stayed with me. I found the perspective of looking almost directly up the waterfalls and out through the bridge a first for me.

Though there are photographs available of this particular scene, I did not use them to paint this. As a rule, I don’t like to use photographs as an aid. For me, I would rather rely on my own impressions and bring in my own memory and biases.

I think art is about communication and it is my goal to communicate to the extent I can what I might feel and see – about a scene.

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