Looking at painting stages in a new light – as one piece

Horizons is one digital painting in different stages. For purposes of Day of the Dead – it is a metaphor for life and death. Each stage is a finished piece – it is complete in itself even though there might be another ending down the road.

Horizon 1The first piece – like a life cut short – is innocent, open. Though nice to look at – there is a strong feeling that more could be said. It is easy to imagine though how a soul might find it was done.

Horizon 2The second piece – is more detailed – life has more depth, texture, a cragginess – with development it is not nearly as transparent. And although there is a much vaster understanding here, this also has the nagging feeling of there being more to say – yet it also is complete.

Horizon 4The third piece – is more representative of a long life. It is developed, it has unexpected turns, a clearer sense of man’s size and a strong awareness of people left behind still working.

  • These art prints are part of a multi-cultural celebration of Día de los Muertos. Last year Bailando con la Muerte – Dancing with Death had participants from France and China.
  • This is no longer only a Mexican tradition – and with luck it is the kind of thing which helps us to recognize we are all one people.

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