Horizons: Painting Paths

Painting Stopping Points – Painting Development

Unfinished work - first stage - click to enlarge

Unfinished Horizon – First Saved State

I have been talking about colorgradients – because that is what really got me excited about digital painting.  With a little bit of color choosing assistance, the computer could produce a color gradient smoothly and to my liking.

On top of this, I was able to figure out a way to paint with these gradients and overlap their translucency.  In the start above – these overlapping color gradients are particularly clear – and pleasing as they sit at this stage.

Second Horizon stopping point

Second Horizon stopping point

Essentially this is more of the same.  I continued the overlapping, tightening up the distances, adding more passes, and mountains.  It is becoming more interesting without losing the original course.

A piece can be stopped at many different stages or taken in many different directions. We always try to choose the best path – whether there is such a thing or not.

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