Give and Take of Creating Art

balancing impression and intention with work itself

Field Flat - digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck 2006

Field Flatdigital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 2006

For me art is a give and take process. I had seen a strawberry picker in a similar posture – holding an empty flat and I wanted to capture that impression.

I created a backdrop – a non-specific but nevertheless somewhat accurate view of the Salinas Valley.

When I started I was expecting a larger figure and less background – but the painting pushed me in certain directions.

I may very well approach this theme again – to create something more iconic – but I actually find this image very pleasing and enjoy looking at it. I like the way my eye travels down to the other field worker and how it feels like the man holding the flat is on the verge of, if not already, moving down to join him.

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