Fun of Digital Painting

Using the shortcuts which painting on computer allows

Mound2Mountain-in progress 1

Early Stages of Mound 2 Mountains – before and after fill-in

I am not opposed to taking some of the shortcuts which painting on a computer allows. The difference between the left image and the right image is a click of a button.

It also required some palette development which has taken quite some time – and some experimentation to be sure that the fill color was the right choice.

If you look on the right hand side of either image, you will notice a crease in the mountains. Though it is not my main method of working, I do occasionally like to copy a section of a piece and paste it in the right location. It can create depth and a look that would take three times as long if every aspect of a piece were completely from scratch.

This is the digital medium and this is one of the reasons I find digital painting (and its accompanying art prints) as fun as I do.

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