First Stage of a Digital Painting

Creativity is about taking chances – sharing an unfinished work

Start of Granduer from the Gorge -digital painting

Beginning stageGrandeur 1 – hopefully new digital painting – Dan Beck

Creativity is about taking chances. It is about being willing to try things new ways and sometimes fail… but also sometimes succeed.

Above is the start of a piece I haven’t finished. Truth is I would rather be working on it right now than blogging – but if that were completely true I suppose I would be.

Actually, I thought I should write about the start of the piece without having completed the digital painting. This is not a step by step painting but rather a glimpse of how I work.

I used the line tool and curve tool of the computer to create the lines of the land – fields and grape rows.

I do a great deal freehand – but my control is not that sure – and the tools of the computer are perhaps akin to a straightedge.

My focus in this piece is about the looming nature of the mountains and the distance which is much further than it seems.

We will both have to see how it unfolds.

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