Finishing Touches – Painting the Desert

Definition, How the art reads, Final Flourish

Desert 1 - Route 66 - Dan Beck - Digital Painting 2005

Desert 1- Route 66 – Digital Painting 2005

From the last version to the finished version are some fairly clear changes which help pull the piece together.

I added rocks/stones to the precipice of road to make it read a little better. I also gave the mesa more solidity giving it more texture and definition. Creating a 2-dimensional piece from 3-dimensional world is about creating illusion. 

Though my work is not a particularly realistic approach to painting, it still requires the interpretive look of whether something reads the way I hope it will.

As in listening, any sort of seeing, any sort of interpreting – one cannot imagine all the ways someone might look at something. Noted in the Daily Yomiuri Online(The Natural World of Olafur Eliasson – no longer available):  "Contemplating a work of art, we each bring to it our own memories and experiences, creating a mental image that is uniquely our own." 

With that said, it is our job to try to be clear – just as it is our job to try to understand all the possibilities.

The final thing I did to the piece was tint it a color which gives it more of the mood I was looking for and additionally pulls the piece together like a varnish might.  It is kind of a final hurrah – a bit like an unveiling – or unwaxing a batik – a final coat making it just that much better.

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