Finishing Painting and Maintaining its Character

Adding color and texture – one thing leads to another

Window View - digital painting - Dan Beck 2006

Window Viewdigital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 2006

In some ways I like the simplicity of yesterday’s start. At the small size like directly above – the even simpler digital painting seems to work better for me. However, when it is printed at 13 x 19″ or larger, it needs the extra detail to look like a finished art print.

Nevertheless, I tried to maintain the simplicity which I liked so much in the first place. I added color to make it more like wading in the fields, rather than wading in the water.

I added texture and additional color to make the fields themselves be of interest. In doing so, everything else – mountains and figures had to have comparable weight – meaning they required additional texture and color for the piece to hold together.

This is why it is so difficult to stop a piece at the right time – one thing leads to another and you have to add this which means adding that – and before you know it, the character of the piece has changed…

but at least you have enjoyed the process.

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