Drawing on the Desert

Painting, Memory, Beauty, Artistic Impression

Mojave Desert - Dan Beck - Digital Painting 2005

Mojave Desert – Digital Painting 2005

If I had to pinpoint where this is other than an impression from my memory, I would say it is the stretch of old route 66 between Kingman and Oatman, AZ.  In any event, it is how I processed that stretch of land.

The colors of the desert, the rocks, the cragginess, the brush, the aridness, the open space and the quiet isolation are what I took.  I can only make something beautiful in different ways; there is no way to compete with nature.

Even a photograph won’t do that. Three dimensions into two and active experience into something you can hold on to are not really possible.  It is curious what we attempt with art and scrap books.

But then again, the art can become something which is beautiful in its own right and that to me is the goal.

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