Directions in Art

Simplicity, Irresistible Play, Improvement, Doubt

Unfinished state - Horizon 2 - third stopping point

Unfinished state – Horizon 2 – third stopping point

The first two unfinished stages to this piece can be found below or by clicking here.

I added a great deal of texture from the last stage, but the point of this writing is more about the different directions one can go.  After making all the changes, I wasn’t so sure I had improved over the original feeling of the piece. There is always beauty in simplicity. On the other had one needs to enjoy the process of creating enough to feel the accomplishment.

Next stage - unfinished Horizon

Next stage of Unfinished Horizon

Between the top stage and the bottom stopping point, I wasn’t sure the direction I wanted to go. But I started playing with some copying and pasting – a computer tact that is sometimes irresistible. 

The work does now look more collage-like but it is also feels more dynamic – but then where is the simplicity of yesterday?

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