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DeSkies - Digital Painting - Dan Beck 2006

Enlarge DeSkies – Digital Painting – 2006

This is my most recent digital painting to date. I find this medium difficult to classify. Digital is how the information is stored – just as music is stored. Digital is synonymous with computer and is about the numeric nature of data.

For me – the use of the term is a bit touchy. Digital painting is the best I have – but it could also refer to altering digital photos or painting them even after printing. Or with the numerical reference, perhaps it even implies some kind of paint by numbers. Computer generated art certainly has that kind of done for you implication.

I suppose how things are arrived at isn’t the biggest issue. Good results are good results and truly as someone desirous of more creativity in the world, I am fine with any and all of it. 

However, I still feel the need for the right term to both lead people to my work and to describe what it is I am doing. Since the majority of digital art examples are coming from a different place, someone searching is more likely looking for that place – anyway that is what I suspect.

The above work is certainly abstract, perhaps ironically even a bit typically digital – but it is my take on an isolated section of sky on one specific night – with a lot of artistic license, a great deal of fluid movement, a lot of overlap – and a strong desire to just keep going until I felt it was done.

And the truth is I really like it and I am not all that sure why.

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