Digital Painting in Black & White

Color, Doing Without Ingredient, Experiencing New

Black & White Vision - Digital Painting 2006 - Dan Beck

Black & White VisionFull Size – Digital Painting 2006

I generally paint using color. Color for me is much of the fun. I find great joy in using color. To paint with only black, white, and grays, however, is also fascinating. It is an exercise perhaps like cooking without garlic – which will of course be lost on those who don’t care for garlic.

But the idea – is that it requires one creating without an ingredient one depends upon.

I didn’t set out to do an exercise. I woke up with a vision of the mountains and this bold white area. It wasn’t a completely clear vision, but it was without other color.

It was enough to make me feel like I had to embark on this piece. And even in its finished state I am tempted to add color – another thing I don’t normally do. I am not sure about it yet – but if I do – the “colorized” image will be along soon enough.

And if I do, I hope I pull it off better than adding color to black and white movies – well at least the ones I have experienced – but then who else’s experience are we to draw on?

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