Digital Painting: Enchanted Sunset

Painting, Translated World, Artistic Vocabulary

Enchanted Sunset - Digital Painting - Dan Beck 2006

Larger View of Enchanted Sunset – Digital Painting – 2006

The inspiration for this piece came from reality – a sunset with this tent-like window showing some of the sun…and a sky that was multi-colored and magical.

The section of world I chose had this swirling quality. The foreground is the plastic covered strawberry fields which are in person both ugly and beautiful with their reflection.

Painting of any sort is about representing another world – be it the real world or imaginary or the world of the painting itself.

This piece has a flow about it which I like very much – the hilly nature of the fields comes through strongly.  And the colored excitement of the evening is also very well translated.

Translated – a good choice of words – indeed the expression of the medium is a language unto itself and the degree to which one can use the medium is one’s vocabulary.

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