Digital Painting: Color Added

Colorize, Comparison, Leaving Open to Imagination

Colorized Vision - Digital Painting 2006 - Enhancement

Colorized VisionEnlarged – Digital Painting 2006

Either below or by following this link you will find another digital painting.  Actually it is the same digital painting before I added color and took it someplace different.

This is a departure from the way I normally work. If I set out to do a piece in color, I generally use color from the outset. But this piece came to me as I was waking in black and white – at least part of it.

I think as an exercise I decided to see what would happen if I added color to the piece. I ended up adding color and texture and working it like I might a normal piece. When I was done I was pleased with the results.

However, having said that – and as much as I love color – I’m thinking I like the black and white movie better. Colorizing just isn’t the same. I would like it just fine if I weren’t comparing it to the black and white version – same as with a colorized movie or a movie and its novel.

But I think like a novel, all good art requires the viewer to fill in some of the blanks – the ones left open to imagination.  And without that – it just cannot possibly be as engaging.

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