Digital Painting: Cloud Shadows

Capture Feeling, Aesthetic Dictates Painting

Cloud Shadows - Digital Painting 2006- Dan Beck

Larger View of Cloud Shadows – Digital Painting – 2006

I had fun with the clouds in particular on this piece. I kept layering color and texture, swirling, light and dark – trying to capture some of the fluffy cumulus nature.

They billow quite a bit and all in all I am quite pleased with them. Do they look exactly like the clouds I was trying to capture?  Of course not. But then again – they do have the right feeling – and that is even more important.

A section of world put on to two dimensions just isn’t going to be literal – not that there aren’t people who can paint like a photograph. But a photo is also subject to the same two dimensional and frame limitations.

In any event, this was about playing with the medium – trying new ways to portray and letting my own aesthetic for color and somewhat composition (though probably the weak point in this piece) dictate the reality of the painting.

Curious, as I am looking at the work today I can practically feel the wind– something which was undoubtedly there the day I painted this – but not something I was thinking about.

If you didn’t already…Please see enlarged.

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