Digital Painting Bending Backs Again

unique figures – identical dress – same theme – different feeling

Sea of Backs - digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck 2006

Sea of Backsdigital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 2006

When I first wrote about Bent Over Crowd I mentioned that it could have been entitled “Sea of Backs” – I knew I had to do it again.

So I started with a landscape orientation and starting painting in figures. I wanted them rather monochrome – but not so simple to be silhouettes.

It is interesting that the piece which came before has so much color but the figures and dress are so copied throughout.

This painting has unique figures throughout, yet they all look the same. Either way, I think it is my point that despite knowing better – it appears that the pickers particularly when they are bent over and in mass – look like a swarm, a crowd, or a sea of backs.

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