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Tractor Sunset - Digital Painting - Fall 2003

Tractor SunsetGallery Page -Digital Painting Fall 2003

Sunset Seeen - Digital Painting Fall 2005

Sunset Seen Gallery Page – Digital Painting Fall 2005

I was noticing the top painting the other day and focusing on the texture in the fields. It reminds me of torn paper or a collage with tissue. I think this is most obvious looking at the largest view.

I like the naive quality to this piece. The way the streaming sunlight is represented, the simple figure on the tractor and the colorful, collage-like sky.

The bottom piece, Sunset Seen, was painted looking from almost the same spot a slightly different direction – two years later. I am putting these together like this because it demonstrates how much technique I have been able to develop in the last couple of years.

Much of what keeps this exciting to me is that there is so much room for growth with the medium. Actually, it is so open ended as far as possiblity that I find myself making additional rules to have the sufficient limits for this medium to work.

In any event, I am not sure that the bottom piece is a better painting, but I do think – looking at the sky, the mountains, the irrigation and numerous other details; it is obvious how much more sophisticated my use of the medium has become. It also is better viewed large.

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