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Part 3 – discussion of digital options and song

Bottles In The Kitchen - Digital Painting 2006 - song illustration

Bottles In the Kitchen – Digital Painting – 2006

For illustration purposes, I decided to do a quick painting – digital painting, of the wine bottles in the kitchen. Normally when I paint, I use no photo – only memory – in this case I used the photo as a basic design – but really didn’t refer to it much.

Digital refers to photography, manipulated photography, images created through the use of computer formulas and geometry, and digital painting which could also incorporate some of these things.

As I have already said – I would never want to belittle any form of creativity. What I am trying to do is differentiate to some extent. The work I do has limits like a physical painting and requires imagination and a certain level of physical skill to do. I use a program – Appleworks – which is available to lots of people – is not particularly technical – but has limits.

I like these limits – but also do not feel I have hit the ceiling as far as its capability.

This is a new arena – and terms don’t always clarify.  Both these are digital – but they do not require the same level of skill or vision.

Digitally manipulated photoBottles In The Kitchen - Digital Painting 2006 - song illustration

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