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Irrigate 1 - 2004 - Dan Beck

Irrigate 1 – Mouse Painting – 2004

Stepping back a bit, it seems to me I have never quite accurately come up with a name for what I do. I have been using the term "digital painting" because the painting is both stored digitally and created on a computer.

However, even I would wonder by such a term whether the artist was starting with a digital photograph. Digital encompasses a very large world. The work I do starts with a blank page and I am not using photos.

"Computer art" or even moreso "computer generated art" implies the computer is doing the work. The computer provides some of the palette and some of the painting tools, but doesn’t generate anything.

As you can see from above, I kind of like "mouse painting", but my guess is that this term is even more obscure.

Truth is – I see this medium as an alternative in all sorts of ways – but particularly love the fact that every print is an original as intended and that the work does not have to be transferred to be rendered.

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