Creativity: Window to Seeing Ourselves

still enjoying own music and creative capacity to see

dansingnew cover art - digital painting - 2005

dansingnew art – digital painting – 2005 – Dan Beck

I write today about seeing oneself. I have felt that a lot of our mission as humans is to be the eyes and ears for our self and each other.

We have the rare gift of being not only conscious of ourselves, but also able to appreciate and critique ourselves. 

The above piece, which is actually a self-portrait (well- couple portrait), is available only  as the cover of my most recent CD – 1danband|dansingnew.  Five months after completing it, I am still able to enjoy it every bit as much as when I first completed the recording.

One of the things that is so wonderful about creating – is that it gives us a chance to see ourselves in a way we could never otherwise – and for those looking at that creativity, it is a window into the part of the person we seldom get to see.

I am shocked and sometimes even embarrassed by how much I can appreciate my own creativity, but I have little doubt  I am not the only person with this capacity.

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