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Attitude perhaps more important than Art

Grandeur From The Gorge - digital painting - 2006- Dan Beck

Grandeur from the Gorgedigital painting – 2006 – Dan Beck

The is the final in a three part series on the creation of this piece – from sketch, to filled-in sketch to the above.

I was successful in creating the majesty of the mountains in contrast to the smallness of the field workers and of course in contrast to us, the viewer. I am pleased with the way I painted the mountains and even created the grape rows.

I am pleased with a lot of aspects of the piece and some of the adjustments made to make the flow of the eye work better – the mountains on the left, the grape rows on the right, the grape rows on the left and even the big giant shadow.

But I am not ecstatic with it, not even delighted. Perhaps it is part of being too close or perhaps it just didn’t come together in the end quite as well as I’d hoped – or maybe it is because I am not feeling 100% at the moment and nothing seems that good.

Being pleased with something we have done or something we have viewed is so much about what we bring into it – our attitude is much more telling of whether something will be received well – than is the actuality about the piece – if there even is such a thing.

So perhaps your attitude is better than mine today – if you like the piece and are interested in possibly purchasing an original art print – please email the mean time, I think I must live to paint again.

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