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Picking – the scene through the window

WindowView1 - unfinished digital painting - Dan Beck 2006

Window View 1unfinished digital painting – Dan Beck 2006

I was looking out the breakfast room window and had this view.  I removed the little bit of yard, fence, and road and took my eye directly into the fields across the street.

There were actually a few more people hunched over quickly picking berries into flats into packages and flats that were generally unseen. But this seemed the right amount for composition and digital painting canvas size. 

I was compelled – even though this has been a popular them for me. Maybe I don’t feel I have gotten it right yet – maybe it is because it is all around me right now and maybe its because immigration has been such a hot topic recently.

I like the loose swimming look that the piece has currently – it will be interesting to see how it ends up when it is done – kind of hope I can keep it simple – we will see…

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