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CD Cover - Caribbean 4

Caribbean 4 – CD Cover option – the one that got away

I did a CD cover for a friend of mine’s new album. I gave him a few options. He used some of all the other artwork I sent him but not this particular piece.

His is a Latin jazz album – just being released but I will put the link to his site anyway – I don’t know when info on the new album will hit his site, but I will show off the album artwork when that happens.*

So this colorful piece came from a song list of which I only knew some, the sound of some previously recorded music, and some instructions about the album being Caribbean and Romantic.

All I know is those would be mighty nice legs to be owning – particularly this time of year – certainly a place I would like to be.

* Apparently it has been updated since I last checked – CD art and album info now visible.

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