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Tropical Vision, Latin Quarter Jazz Music Project

Caribbean 1 - CD Art - Digital Painting - Dan Beck

Caribbean 1 – Digital Painting – 2005 – made for New album: 

Tesoros del Corazon (Treasures of the Heart)
The Latin Quarter Jazz Collective

This piece was used underneath the credits for this new musical CD. In addition, to the link to my website, there were links to site of the person who titled the CD and is also a musician and songwriter – Joe Strouse at and also to Fred Lipsius at

My understanding is that Bob (leader and saxophonist) was thanking Fred for his encouragement during the project. Fred is best known for the incredible arrangement he did years ago of "Spinning Wheel" for Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

As I mentioned before, this is a really fine album. Please check out the Latin quarter website for details.

As for the art, it is what I first thought of in terms of the Caribbean: hammocks, palms, tropical drinks, aqua blue water, etc. Then there is the clothing aspect – either one persons hot is another person’s cold or somebody got a sunburn. Beats me, I wasn’t there.

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