Bottles in the Kitchen

Digital images – Digital Song

Digital Photograph Manipulated Digital PhotographDigital Painting - Dan Beck - 2006

Digital Photograph         Manipulated              Digital Painting

The below lyrics are what these images are all about. They also formed a good backdrop for discussing some of the different kinds of digital art.

The story is a simple one – my housemate opened wine he didn’t like – nor anyone else and left them languishing in the kitchen.  But the night was really wonderful for me and my to become sweetheart  – the bottles have just sat there. 

Bottles in the kitchen
Red wine that was no good
Under cork fermenting
So sweet misunderstood

We didn’t drink them
But they manage to mark the time
They must be there to remind us
Of the day our worlds first intertwined

Bottles in the Kitchen
Sit like soldiers waiting
Asking to be uncorked
So Quietly disarming

Bottles in the kitchen
Half empty and still half full
Labels facing outward
Corked to keep from being spilled

Bottles in the Kitchen
Trophies of a strange sort
Opened the night we realized
Our love had become uncorked

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