Bold Painting Glimpse

Colorful, Brilliant Glow, Quick, Powerful Look

Bold Glimpse - Digital Painting 2006 - Dan Beck

Bold GlimpseEnlarge – Digital Painting – 2006 – Dan Beck

It wasn’t so much sun as color that protruded under the clouds. I couldn’t stay out long – the wind was ferocious.

Even bundled up and being a transplanted Midwest/East Coaster who has picnicked in worse weather did not make me want to persevere.

But that was quite a while ago and I have grown accustomed to mild unassuming weather.

The painting above is a record of the boldness of the evening – the intense billowing dark clouds with brilliant glow beneath. It is a record of the nondescript fields which one barely noticed because the show was on the horizon.

It is a record of the nature of a glimpse – a quick look that only allows you to grasp the essence – and perhaps all that really matters.

It was an incredible sky last night – I only allowed myself moments with it without windows. I didn’t even set out to paint it when I started on the computer – but I couldn’t help myself – it had been that powerful.

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