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Salinas Valley 1 

Salinas Valley 1 Digital Painting – 2003

I find myself showing off a piece from a couple years ago.  My work has grown since this was created, but I still find this to be a strong and significant piece.

The way the hills and in particular the row crops are represented was a first at the time, but has remained fascinating to look at. Please see gallery page and the image enlargement.

There is no attempt at reality, but the cloud seems wispy – and although the sun and hills are a bit of a caricature, they capture the way the land is around here – the rolling, overlapping  layers of field crops – exaggerated a tad but then again quite reminiscent of reality.

Like the other art on my site, it is created using a computer and mouse and each print is done on watercolor paper using fine archival inks and is considered a giclée.  The work will last for generations and what I find particularly exciting is that each piece is by design an original.

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