Art and Jazz Overlap

Musical conversations are portrayed visually

All That Jazz - Digital Painting - 2006 - Dan Beck

All That Jazzdigital painting – 2006 – Dan Beck

I love music – if you’ve been on my site, you might have noticed, I write music and play a number of instruments.

There are many similarities in the creative processes for music and for art. They are there even when one is not taking on such an obvious reference to the other – as in the above.

When I created the above piece, I put on some jazz and referenced instruments I was hearing and the kind of interplay that the instruments might have. I could probably make it out to be more thoughtful than it was – but in truth I didn’t think that much.

Having said that, I am well aware of my own education in jazz and music.  Improvisational music is a conversation – not an idea I invented – but it is.  The vocabulary changes with musician and background – but it is about listening, conversing and offers one’s take or perspective.

As a brand new piece – All That Jazz has not yet been set up with a way to purchase the original art prints – please send inquiries to .

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