When Seeing Is Not Believing

and original blue clouding

Blue Clouds at Evening - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Blue Clouds at Eveningdigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

Sticking with my theme of original art – I opted to come back to this piece. I don’t know that it will ever reach my all time favorites. In fact, when I saw the blue clouds that evening – I was more struck by the unusualness than the beauty.

Had this been part of an abstract color experiment – or some bizarre reference to a “blue period” – it might actually be more accessible.

But I think because the unreal was actually real – it makes the whole work a bit fanciful – even for myself – who saw the blue clouds that night … and never since, and never before.

So the image will probably always be unique and the original prints – though likely multiples – will always be as intended … and always original art prints.

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